Tuesday, December 29, 2009

An Early Morning Ride??

So my alarms were set for 5:30, 5:45, and 6:15. I got up at 5:15, go figure hey??!! Lol
so after coffee and some peanut butter toast I head off for work (6:25), I'll take the long way this fine northwest wind morning. I pull up to work (6:50), no cars in the parking lot??? WTF???
I hangout till 7:15 when the boss shows up and says what the hell you doing here? Everyone is off till the 4th! Duh, there's something to be said for hanging out in the break-room!! So will I hang out in the break-room??? Na, no way!! Lol
so I left and put on 20 miles around town, what a great morning to be out, and i'm really looking forward to my Pug being done!!!!


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Just sitting, and relaxing

I'm all done digging out after around 18" (damn i need a snow blower), of snow fell over the x-mas break.

sitting down having a nice cold Summit beer, watching Zack play the Wii.
the girls are out about town doing whatever girls do??!! LOL

tomorrow reality slaps me in the face again with work!!! oh well.

i was gonna break out the snowshoes, but a sick kid will put a damper on a lot of things!!! although, i did get out on them for a bit the other day.

My Pugsley build is coming along nicely and we are only waiting on a little less than 1/3 of the parts. from what I've been reading...... others are waiting on more. i should be able to make my news years eve/day ride............. it's gonna be sweet!!

until then.............


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Here's To..........................

Four days off of work............ pently of Horizon Red Ale, and some ESB!!!
86 the ESB's (beer store out), more Horizon Red Ale please!!! Yummy!!!

Good times watching the kids eyes on x-mas morning, and to spending some down time with my partner Cindi!! Love ya babe!!

To all... i wish.... you get what you wanted under your tree, and to a very happy new year, filled with meeting all your goals!!!

time to crack a beer and chill, and wait for the snow to fly!!


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Large Marge...

My wheels are getting laced, and they asked me what color nipples I'd liked.
I gave my honest answer.... Pink!!!?? Lol
He says really? I say yeah, but make mine red!!!!!
I don't know if he got my humor or not, but oh well I got a good laugh!!
Things are starting to flow nicely, and I'm starting to get that new
bike itch!!!!

So i'm getting ready for bed, and I decide I'll check the Surley blog............. Wow, Wow!!!!

Panic! Don’t panic. Panic!!!
Panic! It crept up my spine like the first rising vibes of a Pugsley frenzy....

We've received a shipment of Large Marge offset rims in both DH and XC versions. They're new, improved, choice. These parts now feature a welded seam, which is approxomately 40g lighter, and far more rad.
It's a good thing.

So I mention this because I thought you should know. These were our first of the new production run, shipped expressly to satiate demand. Demand is a hungry beast however.

That's a moderate thing.

But why mention panic? What's the point? Well, it's because we're all out of them already. Took about 2 hours.

That's a bad thing.

As they (we) say in Minnesota, "So there's that."

Seriously, people say that. It's pretty awesome.

In summary, we care about you, and want you to be happy. The next batch of rims will arrive mid-Feb.  It will be a bountiful order. I applaud your patience. Your lustful waking dream of Pugsley is very close to reality.

So there's that.

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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Well, Today I Had..........

To make a choice about where I wanted to work. Not a bad thing with the way the job market is, I had to choose between two places that provide a very good living for my family and I. The only thing that blows is I had 3 hours to make my choice. Now before you say WTF, this is common place for the industry I'm in, and this makes the fourth time I've had to make this choice, so 3 hours was (sad to say), a long time compared to previous times.
The 3 previous times I choose to go back to where I worked for 10+ years, and pretty much knew how to do everything with my eyes closed. The only downfall is 4 guys who are total Fucking Assholes, and make working there a nightmare even in the best of times!!!! You know the ones, always watching someone Else's bobber instead of worrying about their own. Even when things are going good, unlimited overtime, enough work to go around for everyone, and still find something to Bitch about!! Yeah, you know. They are the ones who think the world begins and end out their back doors, true Fucking Assholes!!!!
So I made the choice to stay where I'm at, and get excited about the 2 million dollar expansion that's taking place, and get my share of the pie!!
In the long run did I make the right choice?? Ha, only time will tell.
I also don't give a shit, because I have the best partner any guy could ever hope for backing me up, and propping me up when things aren't going my way!!!! She let's me ride my bike whenever I want, and even is letting buy my very own Surly Pugsley!!!!
Cindi my dear, I love you more than you know!!!!!

In closing, I give the four Fuckheads the two finger salute, (one finger on each hand), and bid you farewell.... You will no longer affect my mood, and I wash my hands of your negitivity!!!!
Man, I feel better already!!!! Ahhhhhh


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's Done!!

Well, I pedaled over to my LBS after work today, and put the final touches on my Pugsley parts list.
As people have been saying, the LM wheels aren't available yet............. but I've got my name down for a set, and they'll be done in two weeks!!
More like two weeks and 3 day to be exact. lol
God i can't wait!!!
The only bling i added was a red Chris King headset, and the Titec H-bar, (thanks Doug).
Thomson seat post, stem, and flat pedals (for winter use only), WTB speed V saddle (my fav.).
the rest will be what Surly has in their different build packages.

Right now it's looks like a news years eve/day ride is not out of the question!!!
Keeping my fingers crossed!!!

Cindi, I love you my dear!!
You keep me strong!!


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Nice morning.....

Well, we're starting to get settled into our new place.

5 degrees, light dusting of snow, and making tracks in said snow, for other people to see and say WTF??
I love it!!

Cindi, I love you my dear!!
You are the best partner a guy could hope for!
Pete, what can I say, you rock!!!!

My ride to work got much shorter with our move. I don't think of this as a bad thing, just something I'll have to get used to. As soon as the the "Pug" is done, I'll have to pick my morning ride route out and head off to work an hour or so early. Funny thing about living so close to work now, is I'm just starting to get warmed up by the time I arrive.
Now if I could just snap my fingers and have my "Pug" waiting in the porch in the morning!!??


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Random Photo's

My Pugsley frame has arrived!!!

Jenna and Zack