Saturday, January 30, 2010


Playing around at the local rink, just a block south of our house.

Well, I've had my new Fat Bike since Tuesday???
really in the days that have followed me picking it up, things at work have been busy busy, working 10 + hours a day tends to blend things together. i woke up at 4 a.m. this morning thinking it was Friday, and i had to get to work, but alas i was told to go back to bed it's Saturday!!!

anyway, i haven't been thinking about much more than getting out on the new Pugsley for more than a ride to work!!!
having a sick house load of people doesn't bode well for me getting out for a real ride on my newest toy.

i can say from my rides back and forth to work, i am totally in "LOVE" with this Fat Bike!!! i haven't had this much fun riding a bike in like FOREVER!!!
before work as i pull up to the building, i think i should call in sick right then and there in the parking lot, and continue my ride throughout the day!!! speaking of work, i wish i had my camera as the guys at work just stood there staring at this "COOL ASS" bike (as one co-worker put it), the chins were on the ground, and no one would leave me alone with the questions about it.
after work, i have a hard time steering the "FUN MACHINE" towards home??!!

i can do things on this Pugsley that i could never do on my 2.1" tired bike!!
the 4" tires just instill so much more confidence, and the learning curve is getting figured out rather quickly, if i do say so myself. i love the new H-bars (thanks Doug), talk about comfortable and they make you feel so much more in control!!!

I've started another blog totally dedicated to my new ride, and my adventures will be posted there from now on.

i do have to say, if you've been on the fence about getting a "Fat Bike", jump off that fence on the side of taking the plunge, and get it!!! you will not be sorry!!!

the first time i heard about the Surly Pugsley was 10 (?) years ago; i can't really remember, but it's been awhile, and i'm really sorry i didn't jump on one sooner!!!


Saturday, January 9, 2010

To Your Health!!

I made some comments on a blog earlier that got me thinking.
it was in reguards to MSDS (material safety data sheets) paperwork for products containing chemicals.
this paper work contains chemical make ups, flash points, etc....... but most importantly it gives vital health effect information. IE...... what this nasty shit will do to over years, not tomorrow, or in the next two years, but in the long term.

by LAW if you go to a store and buy paint or WD40 (just for example) they must give you the MSDS paperwork!!! if the salesperson gives you the 1,000 yard stare, (and it will happen) ask for the manager!! there are big time fines for them if they don't have that info on hand and readily available to hand out to you IF YOU ASK!!!

try it some time and see what happens. watch them scramble, or if they are on the ball they get it right away for you.

I've worked with nasty chemicals for years, (14+) and never once did i use something without reading the MSDS sheets 1st!!!
I've spent countless hours sitting in classrooms getting training, and listening to this year after year, so i think i know what I'm talking about!!

I love my life, and I'm totally enjoying the ride, and who I'm on this ride with!!! i want to keep riding this ride for as long as i can!!!



Sunday, January 3, 2010

Baby, It's Cold Outside!!!

I haven't been out on my bike since last Monday.
Today i needed to go to the store, and thought, why not take the bike, after all it's been almost a week!!
so i made the 3 1/2 mile round trip in 30 minutes, and damn it felt great!!
got the normal looks from people in their cars, and i wished i had the camera. cause i could've got the perfect picture of the why i don't drive!!! a couple had their car plowed in the ditch, and another older lady had her car stuck in the middle of the street on a snowbank left over from the last snow!! i got the funniest looks from these people, and the smile didn't leave my face til i got back home!!!
anyway, back to work in the a.m.