Saturday, January 9, 2010

To Your Health!!

I made some comments on a blog earlier that got me thinking.
it was in reguards to MSDS (material safety data sheets) paperwork for products containing chemicals.
this paper work contains chemical make ups, flash points, etc....... but most importantly it gives vital health effect information. IE...... what this nasty shit will do to over years, not tomorrow, or in the next two years, but in the long term.

by LAW if you go to a store and buy paint or WD40 (just for example) they must give you the MSDS paperwork!!! if the salesperson gives you the 1,000 yard stare, (and it will happen) ask for the manager!! there are big time fines for them if they don't have that info on hand and readily available to hand out to you IF YOU ASK!!!

try it some time and see what happens. watch them scramble, or if they are on the ball they get it right away for you.

I've worked with nasty chemicals for years, (14+) and never once did i use something without reading the MSDS sheets 1st!!!
I've spent countless hours sitting in classrooms getting training, and listening to this year after year, so i think i know what I'm talking about!!

I love my life, and I'm totally enjoying the ride, and who I'm on this ride with!!! i want to keep riding this ride for as long as i can!!!



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rlove2bike said...

My place of employment, like many, has a lot of different chemicals that are used. We have big binders of MSDS sheets, one after another. You are right that people should read that stuff at work and at home...but as a general rule, I think those binders very seldom get opened. They Should.