Monday, June 28, 2010

One Afternoon, One Geocache..... In Photo's

Tom Petty......

Was FREAKING awesome!!!
My 1st time seeing him, and damn the old man puts on one hell of a show!!!
damn near two hours of steady rock and roll!!!
Great company with Cindi and her cousins Heather and Sara.
i had fun girls!!!
i was hoping for much better concert photo's, but my camera takes video, so security said i could not bring it in, boy was i bummed!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Heading to the X.....................

Tomorrow Cindi and i will be heading to St. Paul to take in the Tom Petty concert at the Xcel Energy Center.
this will be Cindi's 13th time seeing Tom Petty, and my 1st.
she likes Petty, like i like The Tragically Hip!!!
I've seen the Hip 13 times also, it would've been 14, but they cancelled their last show in St. Paul last fall due to illness.
yes, I'm still kind of belly aching about it, but oh well.
anyway a good drive, and doing some geocaching along the way will be a great thing!!
with two young kids, we don't get to do to much by ourselves.
Thank you Nana Barbie, and Papa Steven, you guys are the best!!!


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Land of The Loon

First was the parade at 9 a.m.
you gotta love a parade, and Cindi and i can eat all the good candy the kids get!!! LOL
after the parade we headed over to the local park to take in the hand-made wares, and food!! did i say FOOD? yum yum yum!!!!
ft. long wild rice sausage, porketta sandwhich, kettle corn, shaved ice, along with plenty more. damn i gotta work more overtime!!LOL
in the a.m. we are heading to Ely, Mn. for the day; we're gonna do some geocaching, and biking. should be fun!!

Looking forward to the Duluth airshow in mid July!!!

The best band of the day!!!
ECB:AKA The Eveleth Clown Band.
i always liked clowns, and these guys and gals have a freaking blast!!

Well, of course they have the Loon!!!
the city of Virginia take him/her out of the lake for the weekend.

The coolest cribbage board I've seen in awhile. if i had a spare $235 it would've been ours. i had to take Cindi away from this quickly!!! LOL