Thursday, June 10, 2010

Heading South.....

To the "BIG CITY", oh the horror!!!!
We have free tickets to the state zoo (through Jenna's headstart class), way to mom and our Super J!!!!!
We're spending Friday night in Eagan or Apple Valley, and the whole day at the zoo on saturday. We're taking the bikes also, yippie!!
I've been told Salem Hills would be a good spot to introduce our 6 year old Zack to some singletrack, thinking Sunday would be good for this adventure.
Any of you locals have any other info you could pass my way?? Thanks in advance!!
So if you're out and about on Sunday and see an old guy on a Pugsley trying to catch a 6 year old on his Trek with a big grin on his face, give a shout out!! ;)


rlove2bike said...

I think it's good that you are getting the youngsters on the single track. Sounds like a fun family weekend.

WheelDancer said...

Salem is a good spot for introducing single track but it might still be too wet. You can check trail conditions on the MORC site here:

I haven't been there for a while so don't know if Salem has any control system to close the trail but the opening section is a bit marshy so it takes a while to dry out and gets pretty messed up when ridden wet.

Great that you're turning your 6 year old on to single track! We're on tap for a road ride on Sunday so won't likely swing by but enjoy!

Joboo said...

yeah that's what i've been hearing on the morc site. lots of trails will prob be closed due to wetness. i'm all for staying off the trails when to wet!!!
i'll double check before we head out, and late sat. night.
looks like it might be a ride around the lakes. i haven't done that in many many years. either way it should be enjoyable.

Peace, Joe

Vito said...

I rode for several hours today and stuck to the gravel. The trails are really wet and soft. It started raining at about 11:30 this morning and was pretty steady until after 6.

It has been a very wet couple of weeks down here. Enjoy your time!