Saturday, June 19, 2010

Land of The Loon

First was the parade at 9 a.m.
you gotta love a parade, and Cindi and i can eat all the good candy the kids get!!! LOL
after the parade we headed over to the local park to take in the hand-made wares, and food!! did i say FOOD? yum yum yum!!!!
ft. long wild rice sausage, porketta sandwhich, kettle corn, shaved ice, along with plenty more. damn i gotta work more overtime!!LOL
in the a.m. we are heading to Ely, Mn. for the day; we're gonna do some geocaching, and biking. should be fun!!

Looking forward to the Duluth airshow in mid July!!!

The best band of the day!!!
ECB:AKA The Eveleth Clown Band.
i always liked clowns, and these guys and gals have a freaking blast!!

Well, of course they have the Loon!!!
the city of Virginia take him/her out of the lake for the weekend.

The coolest cribbage board I've seen in awhile. if i had a spare $235 it would've been ours. i had to take Cindi away from this quickly!!! LOL

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rlove2bike said...

I am hungry right now...for any of the stuff you listed. Sounds like a very good time.