Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's Done!!

Well, I pedaled over to my LBS after work today, and put the final touches on my Pugsley parts list.
As people have been saying, the LM wheels aren't available yet............. but I've got my name down for a set, and they'll be done in two weeks!!
More like two weeks and 3 day to be exact. lol
God i can't wait!!!
The only bling i added was a red Chris King headset, and the Titec H-bar, (thanks Doug).
Thomson seat post, stem, and flat pedals (for winter use only), WTB speed V saddle (my fav.).
the rest will be what Surly has in their different build packages.

Right now it's looks like a news years eve/day ride is not out of the question!!!
Keeping my fingers crossed!!!

Cindi, I love you my dear!!
You keep me strong!!



Doug said...

Hope you like the H-Bar.

Can't wait for the first ride reports. You're gonna have so much fun on that bike!

I'm heading out in today's winter storm on my Pugsley just to get to work!

Joboo said...

yes, I think I'll like the H-bar. Then again I like things that are different, cause some people say I'm a little different!! Lol
it's funny when I get to work, the guys ask me "you rode your bike this morning?, didn't you get cold?". I always reply, na I think I really over dressed with my top layer today. They walk away with the weirdest look on their face!! Haa haa
I'm really looking forward to the big tires and the float they will provide. The more snow we get the more I find myself wishing my pug was here already!! Lol
well, breaks over, back to work.