Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Life Happens....

Uncle Larry's artwork!!!
Good morning!!!

Well, i made it half way to Gheen, and then life happened with our youngest child, and i had to high-tail it home, i had a total of 55, with my average right around 12-13. ride time was just short of 4 hours.

no bad, but not nearly enough, and time is getting short.

I'm reading other's blogs and seeing them doing 100+ miles/13-15 avg, in around 6 or so hours.

I'm asking myself if i even belong doing this kind of race, and then I say why the hell not!!!

Until next time..........................



Onward to more dirt.

Early dirt....................


Doug said...

I'd be doing the race if my parents hadn't planned to be in town that weekend. I have to tell you, I wouldn't be doing a fast time. Even the race blog stated he expected some people to take 10 hours or more to finish. Go out there, do what you can, and enjoy the ride.

Joboo said...

Thank you for your words!!!
I carried them with me the whole race, more 2nd half than 1st!! ;)
Thanks again!!