Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Well, my day started at 4 a.m. I woke and looked outside, and couldn't see our garage!!!
Damn fog!!!
I laid back down til 6:30.................6:45 i was out the door, and pedaling my way to Gheen.
one good thing about the thick fog...........I did not see one vehicle til i hit Hwy. 5...... 18 miles into my ride

By the time i got to Side Lake the fog was just starting to burn off.
I told myself I'd take a break at the Viking bar, (at the junction of hwy. 5 and 22). So i rested for 15 minutes and then made my way to W. Olson Rd. and the final push to Gheen.
This is my favorite part of this pedal!!! Nice rolling hills, river nearby, and just plan relaxing!!! also a nice bridge to take it all in.

So by this time I'm just getting into the pedal............odometer is just showing the time, and I'm not thinking about too much.
after this bridge there's a couple of good climbs, and then it levels out until you come to pavement again.
So, i check the odometer....HUH?? what's this 55 miles......... and i still have a bit till i get to the Mayor of Gheen's house!!!

at this point I'm more than a little cornfussed.

Is my computer working right? i pull out the GPSr and ride them both for a mile, yup right on.

OK, enough monkeying around lets get to the Mayors house already.

So I pull into the Mayor's front yard and i have 66.5 miles.................... way off of what i thought it was going to be.

I text my much better 1/2 and she says "Ride Baby Ride"....you got what you wanted, and you need the miles, (yes i do, but not that many), I'm thinking who I could call to come pick me up. Na, Nope, and NO WAY!!! lol
I give myself 30 minutes with the Mayor and Larry, and i grab some H2O.

do you notice what i didn't take???

Yes........... I didn't take any food for the return trip home and i PAID for it big time!!! What a stupid stupid move!!! Can you say DUMB ASS???? Believe me i did!! many number of times, and very loudly at one point I started yelling at myself when i took a break at the side of the road by someones house. so much so they came out and asked me if everything was OK!??

I started laughing as I said i was fine, and just yelling at myself.

They walked back to their home shaking their head, and i contiuned on my way.
By the time I got back to the really nice bridge, I was near the end. So I sat and calmed myself down and tried to text Cindi again.


I started in on myself again for a bit. Hey........... i had it coming!!!

I made it back to Hwy. 1 and was able to get ahold of "THE LOVE OF MY LIFE" and asked her and the kids to meet me at Bimbo's for pizza and wings. She say's we'll see you there, and that was my 101.74 miles.

All I kept telling myself was you know better.......... you know better you...... DUMB ASS!!!

until the next time..............................


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