Friday, April 29, 2011

Just a Pedal

Thomas left a couple hours ago to spend a couple days with his best friend Jake.
Before he left he wanted to go for a pedal. I asked where he want to go, he says let's just go for a pedal Dad, anywhere is fine.
Our two younger children had gone to the park with their Papa Steven.
So I grabbed my trusty Pug, and Thomas and i headed off.
No biking shorts, no biking gloves, no bike shoes, no GPSr, no biking related items at all.
Just a pedal through the mine dumps.
Easy, slow and silent.
After a few miles the conversation flowed, and it was just plain nice.
I've been trying to think of another word, but nice does the job just fine!!
The conversation will stay between Thomas and myself, which is nice also. ;)
We rode until my phone made funny noises, (i never have my volume turned up, lol), which meant that it was Cindi calling us, Jake and his dad had showed up to pick up Thomas.
So we turned around after around 5-6 miles and headed for home.
I had fun Tom, thank you!!!
Love ya, Dad

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Vito said...

Geez Joe...I've got tears in my eyes. I'm such a sentimental person. I'm very happy the two of you were able to go for a "pedal". That truly is "nice" indeed.

Hoping you enjoy your weekend.