Friday, January 21, 2011

You Say It's Cold Outside??

And yes, I pedaled my bike to work this a.m.
Crazy you say?!
Let's put it to you this way.........
Yesterday after work -20 something, with a stiff NNW wind = -30 to -40.
I was colder yesterday than I was this morning riding in -35 to -40 without wind. When I arrived at work I was actually sweating!!

When I was on my way to bed last night, Cindi said she was thinking about keeping the kids home from school today.
Kids, the elderly, and pets are most at risk in these temps, and don't forget the stupid people who don't dress for the weather. ;)

You dress right..... in layers........ This weather can be pretty damn fun!!!
Whatever you choose to do, you won't have to fight a crowd!! ;))

Now for Hibbing, MN (55746)

Temp: -36F
Feels like: -36F
Humidity: 48%
Wind: E at 1 mph
Updated: 1/21/11 7:05 AM CST


WheelDancer said...

Can't make the same claim here but you have it right; dress for it and you'll be fine.

rlove2bike said...

I haven't biked in weather as cold as that, but I think your're right about the dressing part. I did consider it...Does that mean I'm only part crazy? :-)