Friday, October 29, 2010

Time to Play the Game, Again!!!!???

Well, it's that time again. What's that you say Joe?
Work has slowed down to almost a stand still, a lot of us were told yesterday that today is our last day, (15 or so), and we will be laid off. All our big jobs are done for the year, but the 1st half of next year will be rocking again.
So the game i'm talking about is jumping to the other one of two shops within the company. Where i used to work (Industrial Rubber Products), is slower than we are at Iracore. So as of Monday I'll be work for Irathane Systems, right across the parking lot from where I sit right now. They say Jan. for our orders to start rolling in again, but I've played this game for so many years, it'll be Feb. for sure.
We deal with companies that operate the oilsands of Canada. Pipe and pipe only, from 50' lengths down to 17.5' lengths. Company info in the links to the right.
I will be taking a $3 an hour pay cut, but my insurance stay intact!!! With small children, that's worth the cut in pay!!
This is nothing new to me, but unnerving all the same.
I'd like to thank my father for instilling a good work ethic in me at an early age, thanks Dad, I love you!! I know it wasn't easy, and I totally understand why you were such a hardass at times!!! ;) you giving the hardass treatment makes me a hard employee to get rid of, thanks again!!
Also, I'd be amiss not to say, Cindi, I love you more than you know dear!! You truly are the glue that hold our family together!!
So, here's to "playing the game" for 3 months!! Yippee
Also, this means some long hours to make up for the paycut, less family time,less time on the bike.
All in all, I'm just thankful to still be working!!!


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