Monday, September 6, 2010

Hinckely with Family.................

We left for a family function in Hinckely, Mn. Saturday afternoon. we stopped in Floodwood to pick up a geocache, and then made our way to Hinckely.

of course we brought our bikes!!
the kids had a blast!!

then it was bedtime, at around midnight!!! LOL

i was cooking burgers Sat. night, and this was the view i had looking to the west from our Villa.
Cousins hanging out waiting for the bus to the indoor pool.
PEACE!!! :)

Playing Monday afternoon before we left.

yes i brought the "Fats" too.
i got a lot of slow pavement miles with the kids, which was awesome for them, and i have to say not bad for this old guy!!LOL

all in all it was a great time.
Sept. 19th I'll be doing a ride for Pancreatic cancer in Maple Grove.
it's a big family ride for Cindi's Uncle Mike (who is no longer with us), it should be a grand time, and yes i'll be doing the 50 mile pedal.
here's to us hoping everyone else had a great long weekend too!!!

what it's really all about!!!!!

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Vito said...

Sorry I won't be here for it. Chequamegon weekend. In again with another creative essay:)