Wednesday, September 1, 2010

1/2 Day of Work = GREAT FUN!!!!

As i sit down to post this, I'm hammering down a nice steak off the grill, and a couple Summit ESB's!!! damn good if i do say so myself.
anyway, i bolted from work at 11!!!!! what?? my work was done, so "F" it!!!
i get home, pack up the kids and head out to do some geocaching, with the highlight of our 6 caches being Bird Lake (GCG3NX). what fun!!!!
we had about a .35 of a mile hike, and we found the cache in the 1st place we looked.
this cache has been out in the wild since 2003, and the poor coffee can hasn't held up well over time. so today the kids and i replaced the old beat up coffee can with a brand new ammo can!!!
anyway, it was a great day!!

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