Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Hell Week

Well, our expansion at work has turned into one big cluster you know what!! In typical fashion the company has done shit backwards, and it's really making things tuff on everyone. Add to that fact, that 13 new guys started on Tuesday, and that only adds to the frustration.

As far as I know, I got the worst guy to train in!!! Everyone else seems to be catching on to their jobs, but my guy doesn't seem to grasp the fact that our area is the finishing area, not the half ass finishing area!!!!!! I explained to my new guy, that the customer is paying millions of dollars for these pipe, and they need to look nice!! IE........ Stencils all readable, evenly spaced, and shit done right. Let alone my name is attached to every pipe that goes out the door!!!!

Now my job isn't really that hard, aside from pushing around 10,000-20,000#, 50' pipe, it really is easy. I buff the inside ends of pipe and buff down any repairs that might be on the face's of said pipe. Stencil each pipe once on each end 180* apart, and then stencil "Do No Weld Or Cut" 10' apart all over the pipe. Then after the pipe gets inspected by our quality control guys we cap the pipe and roll them out the door. Simple, right? Not for this guy!!!!!

I explained to this guy how to do shit so you only have to walk 25 miles in the day not 50!!! Anyway his first day I made him watch me for the first pipe and then let him have at it. If you have any questions please ask, ok? Ok!
I even took into account he's never done anything like this before.

Tuesday went ok, i did most of the work. I explained about safety, and how we roll the pipe out of the cure oven, as to not crush each other between two pipe.
Wednesday I explained things again, and let him go more on his own.
Thursday it was like he never did the job and forgot every last thing I had showed him!! After lunch we are rolling pipe out of the cure oven.
One pipe out, two pipe out, and I'm setting up the chalks for our third pipe, and I turn around and my life flashes before my eyes and I drop to the floor,
and boom the pipe's smack into one a other, and I went for a 1/2 mile walk to cool down from wanting to knock the dumb-fuck out!!!
Friday at around 1:00 I lost it after telling him how to do things, and I lost my temper and let him have it!!!
i felt a little bad about it, but come on; you tell someone how to do things over and over again, and they still do things wrong???!! what do you expect??

i'll say it again......... my job is not that hard!!!
hopefully this coming week will be better, but i don't think it will be until i can have another new guy to train in!!


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