Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Do You Ever Feel,

Smarter than the people you work for??
Do you think standing around watching contractors do their job, while you stand around with your hands in your pockets is fun? Yeah, me either!!
You would think that a 2 million $ plant expansion would be planned out better, because the people who run things should be the ones who know, right? Haaaa..... WRONG!!!!
For starters they have the smartest dumb guy I've ever met running the show, 1st mistake!!
Hey P___, shit always doesn't go the way it looks on paper!!! 2nd ask the guys who work with the shit on a daily basis, I know you think you are smart, (you may well be), but when a guy asks you to fix his lights, and you tell him to get two candles to work by, what do you think will be the workers reaction?? You truely are a dumbass!!!! My suggestion..... Go back to school and try to find where you left your smarts!!! My guess, you need to check the toilet!!!!!
Ok, I feel sumwhat better!! Lol who am I kidding??


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