Thursday, October 6, 2011

Cindi......... Hmm ;)

Well, I don't how to really start this, so I'll wing it.
It's break time, so its all good! ;)
Cindi is............ First and formost a SURVIVOR!!! Hands down, bar non, this women is very lucky to be alive today!! I'm so very lucky to be with her!!! I can't say that enough!!

Selfless: she'd give you/me/anybody the shirt off her back to help a person out. She'd also give ya the last dollar out of her purse, ah, wallet, nope checkbook, yeah there it is!! ;)
Do not do her wrong by her selfless act, or there'll be hell to pay. This has come back to bite her on numerous occasions, but I love her giving spirit!!!

Super-Mother: I've never seen anyone juggle a family as gracefully as her!! Yes, she does have her moments, but show me someone who doesn't and I'll call bullshit everytime!! When it comes to Cindi's family, selfless x 100 is the norm!! Really, when I think about it, that's not doing this women I'm with justice either!! So, I guess there's nothing she wouldn't do for her family!!

I love the fact that Cindi says to my face "I hate that stupid bike," but then turns around and says "why don't you go for a bike ride??!!" :0 lol
That brings me to her sense of humor, I think the previous sentence says all I need go say about that!! ;)

The only thing I don't like about Cindi?? We never seem to find time for "us time." I totally get we have young kids, and "us time" will roll around in about 10-15 years!!! :0 lol

Wow breaktimes over already??!!

In closing, I love my partner Cindi like there's no tomorrow and would be completely lost without her!!!
So there!!!!


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rlove2bike said...

That is very nice to hear and I am of the opinion that you are both very fortunate. It is good to hear from someone that knows how lucky he is.

I feel a lot of times people do not realize what they have. They think of money, toys, vacation, keeping up with the Jones and whatever else it may be that tickles their fancy. That stuff is just stuff.

It's family, health and friends that brings happiness. Life is sooo short. It sounds like you two have a good handle on it.

PS...I feel lucky too!!!