Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Near Miss???!!! Maybe A-Little....

Yup, this couldn't have been more perfect timing.
At out safety meeting this morning we talked about our rail system, and how totally messed up it is, and has been for quite some time now.
I rolled this particular pipe out of the cure oven, and when she got to the middle of the rails, where there's a walkway...... The flanged end bounced off the floor!! Not hard, but yet enough where I knew it was time for me to walk out of my work area to outside.
Where it would finally come to rest would be any-ones guess!!
This pictures shows it wedged itself into the walkway, and resting against the east wall.
It'll be an easy afternoon!! Lol

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rlove2bike said...

IMO...Work place accidents are more common than most people think. Not only injuries, but there have been many deaths in our area just in the past two years. Way to stay alert!!