Thursday, March 17, 2011

School Yard Justice

Obviously, this was video of the boy who was getting bullied at school; which has since sometime today, disappeared from YouTube, as well as other places.
His name is Casey, and Cindi found his page on facebook... CaseyThaPunisher.
The video is posted mid-page.

This boy get's what's coming to HIM!!!!!
Dont wake a sleeping bear, you might not like his reaction!!!



rlove2bike said...

Our oldest son had something like that happen to him and he reacted in a similar way. Turns out the mother of the kid picking on him was the counselor at the school and I got called in to the principal's office when I was about 40. To say it was an interesting conversation is an understatement, but they knew how I felt when I left. Did I punish him...noooo

WheelDancer said...

Too bad the video is gone...