Sunday, July 18, 2010

Rob Thomas in Hinckely

We had two days without kids this past Friday and Saturday. wow it's really been awhile since Cindi and I've been without kids for the whole weekend.
Thanks Papa and Nana!!
as we were checking out of the hotel sat. morning Cindi looks at me and says "it feels like we are forgetting something", i say yeah the kids aren't here. LOL
we've been without kids before, but i can't tell ya when the last time we had a weekend to ourselves!!
Friday we left town around 5:30, and made it to Hinckely at 7:45, where we meet Cindi's cousins who were also taking in the concert.
i gotta say Mr. Thomas put on one hell of a show!! enough said. oh wait....... i do have one complaint............ they had shit for beer there!!! i drank two bud lights, and i thought i was gonna puke!! nothing like going from a nice flavorful Summit beer, then having to drink pretty much non tasteful bud products!! yuck!!!
Mountain Dew tasted better than those bud lights!!!

To Brian and Sara, hanging out with you two is getting better every time!!
I'm enjoying your company more and more every time we meet up. you guys are in the good guy group for sure!!! ;)
If you think I'm bullshitting, just ask Cindi how many people i put in the good guy group!!! LOL

enjoy your time in the islands!!!

Brian, Sara, Sally, and Cindi


rlove2bike said...

Sounds like a good time was had. I was never a fan of Bud...just wasn't my personal choice. I would go with out.

brother yam said...

Bummer about the choice of beer.