Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Sad Day in the Great Northwoods of Mn!!

Well, today it was made official, The Heck of The North went lottery.

after all these years i stayed away from racing, this past Sept. i thought i found a friend for life, every Sept.

alas, it wasn't meant to be, and sadly to say, it now goes on the irrelevant list.

this makes me think about a great many things......... where and when did i come upon my distaste for this kind of event??

the year was 2001, 6 of us sent our Chaq Fest thingies in, and 2 of us got our names pulled. needles to say we were all bummed.
this was my 3rd and finally Chaq Fest.

so Sept. rolls around and my good friend Kit and i are headed to Cable mere days after 9/11. we weren't thinking to much about how things were going to play out with the happenings on the east coast just days prior. i/we will never forget the feelings that were going around the morning of that race, (oh the American flags!!!), and that great feeling lasted all weekend!!!

looking back on it, i guess that was quite the way to end racing the Chaq fest!!
i know for a fact, that feeling could never be matched..... ever!!!

i was saddened not being able to share the experience of that weekend with all my buds!! so I'm soured on the lottery type events since that weekend!!

there are others, but as my farther says, if you don't have anything nice to say keep your mouth shut.

nothing against J.K., but you get a Come On Man!!!!
it's your baby, and you do as you see fit...... i get it, but i don't have to like it!! :)

don't get me wrong, i wish you much success in future Hecks!

the type of people that ride in these gravel road races is top notch, and pails in comparison to other things I've done.
you put on an A+ event in your 1st year, and i/my family were really looking forward to making this our fall thing.

oh... anyway, i got this off my chest and i feel somewhat better now.


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Vito said...

Getting into Cheq is a pain in the ass, but in my mind that event rocks.

I had the race of my life on the ss last year and I am stoked to get in again this year and improve my time even more. Even if we have to pull another scam like last year. It was a freakin' classic.

The lotteries suck! Cheq will always be on the radar and at my age Leadville is not going to be realistic forever so I will try again next year, but these are the only ones.

Ore to Shore is also great and it isn't a lottery.

Keep the wheels rolling