Friday, October 30, 2009

Thursday, October 29, 2009

SAD!!! SAD!!

yet another example of what a "HACK"/Unnewsworthy newspaper the Hibbing Daily Tribune is!!!
we get the "Hack" Daily Tribune everyday, (not anymore by the way), and yet i had to read about this truely sad story in the Duluth paper today!!

What a joke, and whomever decided to not cover this story for the "Hack" is a chickenshit asshole!!!

sounds like Dr. Krause had a nice little racket going on. Imagine if this is practiced all over this great country of ours!!! Very Very scary!!

Can you imainge said Dr. and his nurse before their day started....................good morning nurse, well good morning Dr. how many kids can we pump through our office today? Dr............................... i don't know let's give every sick kid 10 min. and see how many we can pump out, who knows maybe we could beat last week!!! SAD SAD!!!!

if your child has Dr. I SAY RUN!!! to a different Dr.

our youngest has him as a Dr. and i'll state here and now, she will have a different Dr. in the a.m.!!!

as far as i'm concerned, Dr. Krause should not practice (term used loosly) medicine EVER EVER EVER again!!!

Hey Dr. Krause go flip burgers somewhere, 1 every ten minutes sounds right, but you might have to speed it up some during the lunch rush!!!


5 Days and Counting..........................

To my favorite band in the world, coming to the state of Mn.!!!

11/03/09: O'shaughnessy: Saint Paul, MN United States

This will be the 13Th time I've seen them live, and it keeps getting better every time!!!

2006 we saw them twice in one weekend at the Mn. State Zoo on a Sat. night, then Sunday night at Grandma's Sports Garden in Duluth, Mn. Very Very cool group, best seen live!!!

My top albums by the Hip in no particular order are..............................

Fully Completely -Locked In The Trunk Of A Car, 50 Mission Cap, At The Hundredth Meridain, Wheat Kings

Up To Here - New Orleans Is Sinking, Blow At High Dough

Road Apples -Little Bones

Phantom Power -Fireworks, Poets

if i peaked your interest, check out this link...................... and give the Hip a listen!!!

You won't be sorry!!!!!


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

So it has begun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The boss says i have enough money to start the build of my new Surly Pugsley!!
Metallic Thunderhead Gray please!!
How cool is that??
Frame got ordered this afternoon, and so begins my jump into the world of the "Pugs"!! I'm so looking forward to it!!
Wish me luck, and damn this winter just got a lot more fun!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Two Years!!!

it's been two years since I've seen my two girls!!
I used to be very angry, but now my heart just aches everyday!!
Cindi along with the other children in our family also miss Lola & Opal VERY VERY much!!!
Pray that the girl's mother pull's her head out of her ass soon!!!!!


A Fun Lazy late Fall Afternoon............

Hanging at the "Mayor's" house in Gheen.


Monday, October 19, 2009

From Another Blogger.....

Our boy Response is back on tour and livin’ the vida loca. Whatever the hell that means.
From: ResponseSubject:

My bike is my armorWell, my bike was stolen here in China. It was $60 usd new. So no major loss. Or so I thought.
I had ridden a few miles off the beaten track to the fair grounds to see the 60th anniversary of Chinese Communism festivities. My bike was swiped while I was walking around inside the fair.
Nothing to do but walk home. Evening had set in and the hazy autumn sun sunk slowly into Guangzhou. I noticed that the streets seemed strange and different. Somehow the buildings, houses and vacant lots that I had breezed by on my bike, now seemed unfriendly and sinister. There was none of the usual “hello” being cast in my direction by locals testing their one or two words of English. People had time to study me as I inched through the dense neighborhoods. The local tough guys looked a lot tougher now I am moving at brisk 4 mph and standing 6 inches shorter than when mounted on my bike. After my bro recently got his gold chain snatched in broad daylight, I knew that these guys can be Kung Fu fast and have balls of steel.
I realized at that point, my bicycle is my armor. It protects me from harm and speeds me to safety. (If I was as tough as old pistol pete, it could be used as a weapon as well). My bike hardens my muscles, puts calluses on my hands and stretches my lungs, amplifying my strength and forcing life into my body. My bike sharpens my senses and reflexes, testing my limits, making me tougher and more secure.
My bike is my translator. It sends a message of good will and trust to all who observe my gentle passage. It tells a story of my interest in the community and desire to keep the environment clean and my carbon footprint small. It shows my willingness to adopt the local ways and my respect for the common man.
My bike is my friend. It tells me stories of adventure and romance. It carries beautiful women on its padded rear rack and charms them with its confidence, imparting a sense of freedom with its smooth effortless movements. It wakes me up in the middle of the night to tell me jokes so I laugh myself back to sleep. My bike always wants to hang out after work, go for a cruise or even hang out in the garage, listen to music, drink a few beers and play with tools. On rainy days, we go and play in the puddles and try not to drink the gutter water.
My bike is my business partner. It carries my tools and sundries for work. Also, my bike shows the local vendors that I am CHEAP, too cheap (and practical) to own a car and too cheap to pay full price for their goods. My bike has a strong work ethic and seldom calls in sick for work.
My bike must be replaced immediately! I smiled and changed my course to the nearest reputable bike shop…
I hope the new owner of my stolen bike lives to be 110 and their whole family becomes rich…

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Pumpkin's, Pumpkin's Everywhere!!!

Getting hurt at work a couple weeks ago,
does have it's advantages.
i got to go to Jenna's very 1st field trip with Cindi.
Jenna had a blast!!!


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My New Ride!!!

Here's a video of the new ride i'll be getting. Minus all the extra's. lol
The Surly Pugsley.


Mellow Velo: An Old Idea whose Time Has Come?

a neat link by a fellow blogger.


Mellow Velo: An Old Idea whose Time Has Come?

Saturday, October 3, 2009

For Chad....................

No words needed...........
enjoy my brother!!!


-40 this day

The "Mayor's" house...... Gheen, Mn.

Just some random shots of our time at Cindi's fathers house in Gheen, Mn.

Cindi and JoeApril 2008, 20" of snow April 2008 20" of snow in Gheen Vermillion River Falls Now that's a fire pit! Peaceful Cindi and Pete Fun at Crane lake The egale has landed. Windy day, so Uncle Larry asked me to lay the totem down

Papa Tom and Papa Peter Zack and Thomas

picking up Papa Tom's eagle.Papa Peter, Jenna, Zack and Thomas 10' from the house Papa Peter, and Linda Fun and laughs on a lazy fall afternoon. Super "J", holding on for dear life, on her very 1st bike ride with Papa Peter. Cindi going for a ride on the Mayor's new bike. Uncle Larry and Thomas chilling by the fire.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

HOTN:Splendid Isolation..........

It's coming up on a week since the 1st running of The Heck of The North Gravel Road Classic.

I've run through that GREAT September 26Th day many times in my head since then, and it played out the same way every time.

Me being very very slow compared to everyone else.

As we pulled into the parking lot early Sat. morning, I thought.............. cool, look at all the like minded people i get to hang out with today!! As I was getting my trusty bike off the back of the truck, and (while Cindi was tending to the kids), I started looking around at what other people were riding.......... hmmm maybe the guys riding the full suspension bikes aren't here yet??

well..... I kept waiting, and I'd still be there waiting if JK didn't say it's time to line up for the start. LOL
While we all were listening to JK give us our final race directions, before the start, a fellow rider came by me and said.... "Dude, your doing this race on a full suspension bike?? That's soooo cool!!!" Right then and there I knew it would be a long day for this guy. Splendid Isolation

I thought no problem, I just wanted to make the 5 hour cut-off to the halfway point, 54 and some odd miles away, and after that, the rest of the race was gravy to me!!

So we start...........damn these guys and gals are starting fast..... OK i can do this....... faster and faster they went. I see some dirt ahead, OK here we go.............. a couple corners and the fastest group is gone, I mean like gone in............ i didn't see them again that day gone!!

Splendid Isolation............LOL

Now, i know I'm not the fastest rider out there, but i didn't think I'd be the slowest, well on this day i WAS the slowest rider by FAR!!

which I was really OK with, i settled into a good pedal and turned on the ipod, and Warren Zevon and I had a great 1st half ride together!! Splendid Isolation

I passed a nice couple as they were eating some food around the 15-20 mile mark. I would see these two all day, but they blew by me on the Fox Farm Rd. (Splendid Isolation) on the 2ND 1/2, and I never saw them again after that.

I also passed 3 really cool guys from down south somewhere, (sorry i forgot boys), this will be a recurring theme with these boys all day??!! lol
I pass these guys, and after some time (i think the longest was 2 hours), they'd pass me again.

I kept saying to myself, SELF..... no stopping til you hit the 1/2 way spot. Which i did fairly well with, but i had to really pee with about 3 miles to go before the 1/2 and i couldn't pee off the bike like I've done in past races, the rumble strips in the dirt roads were very unforgiving, and i was really happy i had my full suspension mountain bike!! so i stopped and did my business and continued on to the 1/2 way. i made it in 4 hrs and 40 min. i was very happy about that!!! It was very nice to see my family there waiting for me, you don't know how good that feels seeing the ones you love cheering you on!!! very very cool!!

So i spend 30-40 minutes at the halfway point. I refill my water bladder and my grab some Gatorade, along with the rest of my GU packs, and the 2ND 1/2 race notes, and head out.

Splendid Isolation

2 hours go by and i see no one yet again...............Splendid Isolation!!!

I just have to say, this is how i ride.......... by myself, and I'm ok with that!!
actually it's was kind of nice to be taking the truly "EPIC" ride in all by myself.
The hardest part of this race for me was the Fox Farm Rd. to the Pequaywan Rd. this 9 1/2 miles killed me. it was total Unsplendid Isolation!!!!
Here's where Mr. Zevon and myself parted ways!!! Sorry Warren I said, but you are going bye bye!!
I walked the whole Moose Mile, (which was a welcome break), and this is where 2 of the 3 boys passed me. Way to go fellows!!!
I jumped back on my trusty stead and pedaled the two-track onward.
After the two-track the two fellows that had passed me were resting again. I said I'm moving on and see you guys in about 45 minutes, they laughed and said yeah yeah. lol
The next part of this race that did me in was the 7 Bridges Rd...... wow, wow, and wow!!! i rode the whole thing, but it was a struggle.
I knew i had one last climb at the end of Medin Rd. to Jean Duluth Rd. and i had to walk my trusty stead to the top. As i was pushing my bike up this hill......the race director drove by and asked if i was OK?? Yes, Mr. Kershaw i'm fine!!!! lol
10 hrs and 34 minutes after i started................ i finished!!!
I felt great, legs were good, knees were sore for about two days, but it was well, well worth it!!!
I will soon be building my very first Surly Pugsley for winter riding and beyond, after i do that, I'll be looking for that perfect bike to ride in the 2nd running of The Heck of The North!!!
Looking very forward to besting my 2009 time!!
Thank you Jeremy Kershaw for a most fun time!!!!