Tuesday, October 27, 2009

So it has begun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The boss says i have enough money to start the build of my new Surly Pugsley!! http://surlybikes.com/frames/pugsley_frame/
Metallic Thunderhead Gray please!!
How cool is that??
Frame got ordered this afternoon, and so begins my jump into the world of the "Pugs"!! I'm so looking forward to it!!
Wish me luck, and damn this winter just got a lot more fun!!!


Doug said...

Yahoo!! You sound like a kid on Christmas morning.

Joboo said...

Doug, you have no idea!!! oh yeah....... yes you do!! LOL
I want to thank you for all your post's about your first hand dealings with the Pug.
It has been nice going through your blog page's and reading things from a normal riders point of view!! No hype, just an honest guy who loves to ride. Thank you thank you!!


Doug said...

"A normal rider"....he he...I find that kinda of funny. I don't think anyone that does what I do on a bike can be classified as normal. But I'll take it as an compliment.

Joboo said...

LMFAO Doug!!!!
total compliment man... all the way, take it already!!!
i guess your normal to me, i parked my vehicle a year ago, and my better half Cindi didn't blink an eye.
she has gone on record saying......that she "likes" me better when i ride, and i like myself better also, so it works for us!! she still has her vehicle. lol